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Welcome to Green Cedars Farm, a healthy home for horses, sheep, goats, turkeys, chickens, guineas, pigs, peafowl, assorted dogs, a bobtail barn cat, and 2 humans.

After much research as a University of Florida Extension Livestock and Small Farms Agent, I have “retired” to expand my hobby into an environmentally friendly, sustainable, community-oriented agri-tourism farm business.

Although not USDA-certified as organic, I adhere to many organic farming principles. For example, our poultry and compost provide organic fertilizer for our produce and pastures.

I like to share information and educate consumers about the benefits of local food.

I look forward to hearing from you!

~Roger Elliott

9280 Gibson Rd. Molino, FL 32577

phone: 850 – six nine eight – 0107 (letters used to combat internet spam)

Green Cedars Family Farm

It takes more than one man to run a farm. Roger has his wife, Pam, working alongside him to keep him in line. His daughter, Laurel, serves as the farm veterinarian. And his son-in-law, Michael, is the muscle, putting Roger’s ideas into action (as well as coming up with his own). The whole family is committed to providing local farm fresh food while raising animals in humane and more natural conditions.

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