Horse Trails

Green Cedars Farm sponsors guided trail rides for horse owners.  In addition to riding over open and wooded trails with natural obstacles, an obstacle course has been constructed to challenge you and your horse.  You can pull your horse trailer through the barnyard without having to back it up.

Make an appointment for a trail ride by calling (850) 698-0107.  A one and a half to two hour ride for $15.00 is recreational money well spent!


Obstacles may include:

  • Weaving among trees in fruit orchard
  • Riding among pasture poultry
  • Walking over, sidepassing, or jumping low logs
  • Riding up and down hills and slopes
  • Riding over culverts
  • Riding under low branches
  • Riding up and down small but steep terraces
  • Opening gates
  • Stepping on tarps
  • Riding through streamers
  • Riding forward and backward through a “squeeze box”
  • Walking through or pivoting around a tractor tire
  • Dragging obstacles from horseback
  • Backing up through 90-degree turns

Helmets are required for 18 and under and recommended for adults.
All horses must have a negative Coggins test & be up to date on vaccines.
Stallions are not allowed.

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