Our one-acre orchard features Green Shell apples, a heritage apple that originated in Brewton, Alabama about 120 years ago.  Named after their developer, they are a low-chill apple suited to our mild Florida winters.  Ripening in late June/July, you will find these green apples with rosy shadings to be firm and slightly tart.

Other trees in the orchard include plums, Japanese persimmons, figs and pomegranates.

In addition to our orchard, we have a garden that provides for the family table all year round. We practice organic and renewable techniques that help keep chemicals at an absolute minimum.  A row of raised beds keeps weeding chores down and provides easier access for bending farmers.  The compost pile, which consists of horse and chicken manure and kitchen scraps, adds tilth to the soil and naturally fertilizes plants.  To reduce the need for constant watering and weeding, vegetables and shrubs are mulched with old hay and straw.  We use empty paper feed sacks to make a weed-free path between rows. A small greenhouse provides protection for new seedlings and helps us to get an early start in the spring.  A day of farm chores includes checking the garden to find out what is ripening for harvest, what needs weeding, thinning or watering, as well as an evaluation of insect pests as well as beneficials.  We take great pleasure in checking our supper plates to find that most of the meal is grown on the farm, processed here, or from another local provider.































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