Pasture Raised Chickens

Green Cedars Farm specializes in hormone-free, antibiotic- free, pasture-raised poultry. Place your order for fryer/broiler chickens and turkeys, or purchase pasture eggs in a variety of aesthetically pleasing colors!
The benefits of eggs from hens raised on pasture as compared to eggs from commercial layers include more nutritious eggs, more humane conditions for chickens, natural fertilizer for farmers’ fields, and local food with less transportation costs.  The feed we  give our chickens is non-GMO and soy free.  

EGGS from Hens on Pasture

Mother Earth News revealed the conclusions of their egg testing project in their October/November  2007 edition.  When comparing the benefits of pasture eggs to the USDA nutrient data for most supermarket eggs, they concluded that pasture eggs contained:

1/3 less cholesterol
1/4 less saturated fat
2/3 more vitamin A
2 times more omega-3 fatty acids
3 times more vitamin E
7 times more beta carotene

Our Chickens

Pasture-raised chickens lead a more natural lifestyle than most commercial layers. Instead of living in cages, pastured hens range in the field, contained by portable electric poultry netting or wire fencing that keeps them safe from predators, with a portable henhouse that provides roosts and nest boxes.  The portable henhouse with a wire floor can be moved daily to provide the pasture with natural fertilizer overnight.

Chicken broilers are raised in predator-safe coops that move to fresh pasture daily, keeping poultry safe from hawks and parasites.




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