Laying Hens, Chicks and Hatching Eggs for Sale

We occasionally have hatching eggs, chicks, and laying hens for sale. Please contact us for more information.

Featured Breeds:



The Delaware is a dual purpose heritage breed that lays large light brown eggs.  This breed is very docile and ideal for a backyard.  They were developed by George Ellis of Delaware in 1940 and were used for the production of broilers.


The Welsummer is a rare, beautiful breed from Holland famous for its deep brown egg color. Many of the eggs are also speckled! Hens are a nicely proportioned partridge pattern, with hints of gold around the neck, medium brown on the body and tail feathers tipped with a rich brown, while males are the stereotypical vision people have of roosters. They’re the rooster portrayed on the cornflakes box, and their colors are stunning.  They are also excellent foragers.

Black Ameraucana



We also have:
Leghorns: industry standard for large white eggs.
Rhode Island Red: brown egg layer
Rhode Island White: brown egg layer
Americauna: green egg layer
Cuckoo Maran: dark egg layer
Welsummer/Cuckoo Maran cross:  dark brown egg layer




We occasionally have chicks available for purchase.  Breeds available are Delaware, Welsummer and Ameracauna.  Chicks sold as straight run.  We currently do not ship chicks.

Hatching Eggs

hatching eggs

In the spring will have hatching eggs available for Delaware, Welsummer and Ameracauna.  We currently do not ship eggs or chicks.




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