Life on the farm isn’t all work with no play.  We often enjoy riding as a family.  When you visit the farm, you are sure to meet our wonderful horses.

Henry: The farmer’s horse. He’s a little more serious minded, burdened as he is with the responsibilities of being the boss horse.

Quarter Horse Paint

Born 1996

Tookie: belongs to the farmer’s wife.  Also known known as “Barbie” and there’s a reason why Tookie rhymes with cookie.

Quarter Horse Palamino Paint

Born 2001


Sheldon: belongs to the farmer’s son-in-law.  He’s the new kid on the block.

Chestnut Quarter Horse

Born  2005

 Duncan: belongs to the farmer’s daughter.  The horse that started it all.  He’s very sweet & gregarious.

Bay Quarter Horse

Born 1998

Please Note: our horses are for personal use and we do not offer pony rides.  If you are interested in bringing your own horse to the farm for riding, please see our Trail Riding page for details.

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