Rambler | Green Cedars Farm New Ram

Rambler, Green Cedars Farm Ram

Rambler is our new breeding ram, following our former rams, Rambo, Rambunctious, Rampage, and Ramses. Rambler is a White Dorper and was purchased from a breeder in Reform, AL. He is very docile and easy to work with, always meeting me at the gate at dinner time. We have stepped up our breeding program with the purchase of Rambler and expect to see an increase in our already high quality in our next set of lambs. We use White Dorper and Katahdin genetics due to their reputations of having the mildest flavor of all the sheep breeds.  We will turn Rambler in with the ewes around October 1st and expect lambs about the 1st of March. Until then, Rambler’s pasture buddy is Santa Goat, a pygmy goat wether.

Here’s a few rams from the past:

Ramses – White Dorper Ram

Rambo – Katahdin Ram

(front) Rambunctious – Dorper Ram | (back) Rampage – White Dorper Ram


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